To record yourself from a Chromebook, go to the site: Clip Champ. Click Sign up. 


Select the basic/free membership option. 


Click to sign in with Google


You’ll be taken directly to a dashboard where you can start recording. Click Make a recording. This will automatically start the Web camera and your Microphone. If you hear the echo in the background, click in your settings menu over the clock in the bottom right corner of your Chromebook, and Click on top of the Speaker icon to mute it. 


Press Done when finished. This will take you to an editing page. Click Skip in the upper right corner. 


You will have the option to upload and share, or Save. Click Upload and Share. Then, click Google Drive


Give your recording a title and then click Publish


Next, you'll be prompted to sign-in.  Click to select your King's Way Gmail address. Then select the folder you'd like to save your recording in. I recommend creating a folder in your Google Drive called Recordings, if this is something you’ll do often.