BB has launched a new "feature" regarding assignment indicators in grade books today. These are visible in your grade books, and they are visible to students and parents. They indicate whether an assignment has been submitted (if there is a submission aspect), completed, missing, late, exempt.
There appears to be an inconsistency as to what is displayed and when. We are working with support with specific examples of the inconsistency. Please don't worry about the indicated icon for now and check with your child's teacher if you are concerned about a graded or missing assignment.
If you would like to manually change your assignment status to Submitted as a STUDENT:
  1. Sign into Blackbaud and then select the class you wish to change the assignment for. 
  2. Once the class Bulletin board appears Click on Assignments.
  3. Locate the assignment whose status you wish to change. Note: If you would like to view previous assignments, on the left side of the page, click Previous.
  4. Once you've located the assignment, click on the link Change Status and select Completed.Your assignment will reflect an "S" in the gradebook. Please know that the "S" or "Completed" does not change or affect your physical grade. The "S" simply acts as a visible cue to teachers.

For additional questions, please email support@kwcs.freshdesk.com