I can't download a required application. 

If your child's teacher has requested they download an application(s) and the Google Chromebook is not allowing you to download/install it, please let your teacher know and they will contact the King's Way IT department to resolve. 

The IT team/Your teacher will communicate with you when the issue is resolved. 

Can anyone in my family log into my Chromebook? 

If you have borrowed a Chromebook from King's Way only a student with their student email: firstnamelastname@students.org or a teacher is able to log into the Chromebook. A parent, even if they are registered with Blackbaud may not log into the Chromebook. 

What's a good app I can use to video chat with my peers or a teacher?

The best app you can use for simple video-chat via mobile device would be Google Duo. This application allows you to video chat with your peers or student (up to 8 people). 

From your mobile device, open your App/Google play store and search for the App Google Duo. Tap to download and install. The app will automatically link to your google KWCS gmail account. 

What log in credentials does my child use to log into Blackbaud?

The Username and password your child uses to log into Chromebook are the same username and password your child will use to log into Blackbaud. Please email support@kwcs.freshdesk.com if you are unable to log in.