Yes! You can connect an at home printer to your Child's Chromebook. 

Connect a printer: 

  1. If your printer is wired to a computer (not bluetooth): plug your printer USB cord directly from your printer into the Chromebook. If your printer is Bluetooth make sure your Printer is on and your Bluetooth icon in your Chromebook settings menu is Blue (indicating turned on - see below). 
  2. Next, Click in the bottom right corner next to the clock. A menu will appear. Click on the Settings gear icon in the upper right corner. 
  3. At the top of the settings menu type 'print'. As you type, search results will appear. Select 'Printers'.
  4. In the Printers window you should see your printers name. Click on your Printer's name and then click Save
  5. If your laptop is connected via hard-wire, USB - it will be indicated (as above). In order to print to this printer, you'll need to make sure the printer is plugged in. Even though the printer is 'saved' it will need to be plugged into the Chromebook in order to print to it.  
  6. If your printer is Bluetooth enabled - make sure your Bluetooth is connected successfully to your home wifi and is in range to your Chromebook. You should see the printer appear. If you don't please contact

Please note: While printers are accepted devices that connect to King's Way Chromebooks, please do not attempt to connect cell phones, TV's or other misc. electronics that will fit into the USB port. They will not connect.